Bar Stool + Seating Materials

The Impaczone Bar Stool and Seating range is manufactured using a range of different mediums which are designed to withstand the rigorous demands of the commercial market. To make life a little easier for our valued clientele we have listed out the materials used to create these beautiful items and why our product range doesn’t only exude pure style but also unquestionable durability.


Polycarbonate bar stool and dining chair materialsOften mistaken for acrylic, polycarbonate is harder, more expensive and more impact resistant with 250 times the impact resistance of glass, compared to the 17 times of acrylic. Polycarbonate is made from a group of thermoplastic polymers and heated into a liquid form before being poured into a mould in which each barstool takes 3-4 minutes to produce. Following this the bar stool is released from the mould then closely inspected and signed off by an authorised quality assurance manager.  Each batch of liquid polycarbonate material is tested by robotic machines measuring durability, ensuring each production run aligns to the fine Italian quality of this range. Bayer MaterialScience (now called Covestro) have given recognition for the quality of Impaczone polycarbonate, by allowing the use of their Makrolon trade mark.

European Beech Wood

European Beech Wood bar stool and dining chair materialsThe characteristics of European beech wood are similar to Oak however beech is much more uniform with very little variation of colour, easier to work with and widely used throughout Europe for flooring due to its durable nature.  The clean natural beech adds a great look to the Divani Natural, Zebra Natural and Gim bar stool and dining chairs. 

Steel Frames

Steel bar stool and dining chair materialsSolid steel rod is used on the Milan & Divani Natural bar stool footrests and Zebra dining chairs to provide ultimate strength and is finished with chrome plating to provide protection from corrosion. Upon request the team at Impaczone are happy to arrange for the steel framing and foot rests to be powder coated to your desired colour to match your interior. There will be an additional charge for this service.

Technopolymer Polypropylene

Technopolymer Polypropylene bar stool and dining chair materialsPolypropylene was discovered by Italian scientists in the 1950’s and is now the most popular thermoplastic polymer, used in a wide variety of applications including furniture, packaging, labelling, textiles and much more. Polypropylene is the most versatile type of plastic, is very easily recyclable, hard wearing and ideal for outdoor furniture due to being resistant to cracking and stress. It also features a high melting point and does not react with water and cleaning detergents. Impaczone Technopolymer is a version of polypropylene which is reinforced with fibreglass for even greater durability.

Anodised Aluminium 

Anodised Aluminum bar stool and dining chair materialsAs we know aluminium is a metal which is light in weight and extremely strong. As such it can easily handle the stress and strain that outdoor furniture is subject to. Anodising is a process Aluminium can go through where an electrical charge increases the thickness of the oxide layer, providing a harder, more durable product which is less likely to corrode in the outdoor elements.