Bar Stools – Modern vs Contemporary

Are Bar Stools Modern Furniture or Contemporary Furniture?

Is there a difference between modern furniture and contemporary furniture? Which is more appealing? A question that still seems to be tough to answer, especially when the topic is centered around bar stools and chairs.

The term modern furniture directly references items such as bar stools that have been made in the past. Not back to the antiques but anything from around the 1920’s on. This can be confusing as this covers the period where Art Deco was running through the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. Technically modern furniture can be referred to as retro even though the retro style has a strong contemporary undertone. Quality modern and antique designer bar stools have been made by hand for years using traditional techniques with natural materials. Most commonly used bar stool materials include European hardwoods & leather as these provide functional, quality bar stools, while ensuring each bar stool has its own unique design.

Contemporary furniture can be best described as being made from materials which are new to the furniture industry such as polycarbonates, chroming or polypropylenes. While these bar stool designs exude sharper lines, cleaner designs and bolder colours, their features can inject huge personality into any room.

In the end, it comes down to personal preference. Your home will be a direct reflection of your personal style. At Impaczone, we strive to deliver the finest quality Italian designer furniture to our customers. If there is a particular style of bar stool that you are after we can source it directly from our Italian suppliers.

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