Italian Designer Bar Stool Solutions

Around the world Made in Italy is synonymous with quality and character.

From the Ancient Roman aqueducts to the annual Milan furniture fair, the Italians have a history of being ahead of the design game.

Italian designed bar stools are no different. They tend to be high-end, high-quality, and are often the result of strong relationships between designers and manufacturers.

Italian furniture illustrates the designer’s vision of combining innovative contemporary design and function.

The three main points of difference with Europe’s finest made furniture are; quality, machinery and conformity.

The quality of material used to produce Italian furniture is much higher in comparison to the cheaper materials used by most Asian manufacturers.

Whether choosing the natural strength of wooden bar stools or the durability of modern polycarbonate bar stools, careful selection of materials is of utmost importance.

The machinery used to manufacture European furniture is also of the highest quality, ensuring the best output.

All products are tested thousands of times, verifying conformity to standards for quality, safety, strength and durability.

Whether selecting a kitchen bar stool or breakfast bar stool for a residential application to a stackable bar stool or outdoor bar stool for a commercial application, Impaczone offers complete designer bar stool solutions.

At Impaczone we have a shared passion for quality bar stools that will meet the demands of every sophisticated environment, while exuding strong Italian design.

Any questions? We would love to hear from you. Please don’t hesitate to contact us today with your bar stool enquiry.